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The Focus School

At the Focus School, we are determined to develop future leaders, enabling them to take up challenges of tomorrow. Providing them with the right type of mentoring and guidance that would assist them in improving their tomorrow. It is our Focus to make them out of the box thinkers so they may see beyond the vision of possibilities and acquire the ability for making the impossible, possible.

We create environment of learning without comparison among peers. We focus on strengthening the capabilities of every individual by monitoring individual’s learning progress.We don’t asses pupils in traditional way i.e Pass/Fail or End of Year Results, Subject Grades or total marks.

The students’ progress will be gathered throughout the year. The performance and progress will be gathered in qualitative descriptive way instead of traditional grading system, it will be based on teachings, classroom learning, homework and quizzes. The progress and development plans will be shared and discussed with parents during parent-teacher meetings.

With highly experienced well learned teachers and trained staff, School provides students a nurturing environment where they may grow and get ready for the future.

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The Focus School has carefully reviewed the present situation and future challenges for learners. Every industry is adapting to the new normal, so is the education system. We can see that the delivery of education is transforming and new options are introduced worldwide. In order to prepare our children to meet the future challenges and compete with the world, TFS is also adapting to the future of schooling, where we offer simple and affordable options for children to continue their learning and progress.


[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”NORMAL SCHOOLING: ON-CAMPUS CLASSROOM LEARNING” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

Students can join our campus in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 5 Karachi, and continue their normal school.
In this system, students are taught in traditional timetabled classrooms. Students meet face to face with the teachers and experience additional learning enhanced with prepared engaging resources.

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Students can continue online eLearning as registered students with us. Annual exams and other activities will be conducted at the school campus In this system, all lessons are taught through the online learning management system. Lessons will be delivered along with recorded videos and other content for learning. Students can communicate with the teacher through a wide variety of mediums. Video, voice, text, whiteboard, notes, recordings, and presentations.

Homework will be given to students based on taught topics, parents are required to ensure the child completes her/his homework and submit online to the teacher for review and feedback. Parents too can keep up to date with their child’s progress and contact teachers to understand the child’s progress and development plans.

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In today’s situation, we have a strong belief in the diversity of learning, apart from school learning, children should be given the opportunity to pursue their own interests, hobbies, pastimes, and goals without missing any classes.

Therefore, for interested parents, we are introducing a hybrid learning system as an option. In this model, we are providing students with a mix of e-learning and traditional school learning, that promotes learning and encourages social interaction for character building. Students will attend 2 days at the school campus and 3 days classes through eLearning while staying at home.

“This makes us a unique and best choice for your children’s learning”

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“Prepare Children for Life”

Our Mission is to provide Focused learning for every individual, which helps exploring the spirits, will, and intellect to prepare them to face life’s diverse challenges and discover ever-deeper levels of purpose, meaning, and happiness.

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Our objectives are very clear and focused to develop a vibrant society, we aim to:

  • PROVIDE high quality targeted learning programmes matches the needs of every individual student and aim to promote their full participation in society
  • PROVIDE safe and healthy environment for learning,equip them with skills to work well with their peers and the wider community
  • ESTABLISH a collaborative and supportive school community by involving parents, teachers and other community members to fulfil school’s educational needs and desires
  • RECRUIT, DEVELOP & RETAIN the skilled teaching and support staff to ensure achievement of the school’s learning goals
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Core Values” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

We instigate the quest for learning, extend dimensions and discover personal and social strengths to develop following core values in every child:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-reliance
  • Tolerance
  • Honesty
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Child development is the focus of every parent. It is these children of today who take up the challenges of tomorrow for a thriving future for the nation. It is prudent to have your focus towards development of children of today to reshape the future, tomorrow.

[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Why Focus School” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

At The Focus School, we create learning environment with a diverse and extensive curriculum based on new technological developments, social ethos and Islamic values to prepare true leaders of tomorrow.

Why The Focus School
Why The Focus School
Integrated Curriculum
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We researched and carefully designed a curriculum by integrating the theory and application considering the religious practices and its benefits for character building of each and every individual. Our tailored curriculum provide plenty of opportunities for children to grow and excel in language, Math, Science, and Communication.

Integrated Curriculum
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Rich Resources” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

The Focus school is keen to developing the nation with future leaders who possess critical thinking approaches for dealing with the unforeseen challenges of tomorrow. Our focus is towards enriching the kids with rich technological resources that not only facilitate with the process of learning, also opening up their minds towards generating new and original ideas.

Resources The Focus School
Resources The Focus School
Regular Practice and Test
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The Focus school is oriented towards producing professionals who are accurate, talented and know how to maneuver the situation towards productivity. This can only be achieved by putting them through circumstances to practice their critical thinking skills rigorously and achieving the target by constant practice and learning through trial and error.

Regular Practice and Test
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Reading and Writing Skills” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

We are focused towards developing competitive professionals who can take the lead in any sort of challenges they are faced with in the coming future. This is accomplished by enabling them to excel in the not only reading, but writing skills of the students by having special sessions in addition to regular subject classes.

Reading and Writing Skills
Reading and Writing Skills
Safety & Security
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The campuses of Focus School do not allow irrelevant people inside. Everyone must display their identity before stepping into our school facility. This is ensured by well trained security guards from reputable security companies. Constant CCTV monitoring ensures all spots at the campus are safe not only for the students, but for the staff as well.

To overcome any unforeseen situation, fire extinguishers are installed at logical locations all around the campus. While the staff is trained and is put through safety drills to promise safety and well-being of the young ones.

Safety & Security
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”School Board of Directors” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

The Focus School has supportive and progressive Board of Directors having vast national and international experience with reputed organizations. They endeavor to:

  • Work with local community to improve the education system by bringing focused and unique style learning system.
  • Involve parents and other community members in developing school strategy and its implementation
  • Update facilities, teaching aids, technology aids
  • Provide opportunity for teacher training to improve and update professional skills
  • Be receptive to teaching problems and concerns
  • Ensure that our comprehensive Safeguarding Policy is implemented for the protection of all students
School Board of Directors
School Board of Directors
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“The Involvement of Parents as Co-educators”

Parents are the first and natural educators of their children, and continue to influence their children’s learning and development during school years and long afterwards, therefore we aim to work in partnership with parents through:

  • Knowledge sharing workshop with parents
  • Effective and regular communication between school and home.
  • Keep parents informed about children’s development, progress and school events through regular parent-teachers meetings and other events.
  • Celebrating children’s learning in the classroom by sharing the outcomes with parents throughout the year
  • Encouraging parents to support school activities and so help their children, value school life including attending more regularly and more punctually
  • Asking parents to support their children’s learning at home by monitoring homework and reading together on a regular basis.
  • Encourage constructive feedback, welcome ideas and parents’ help to develop and improve all school activities.
  • Invite parents to provide training and guidance to school teachers.

Offering focused support by our learning mentors/pupil support advisers to our families and children

[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Health & Hygiene” show_line=”true” align=”align-center”][/thim-heading]

Health is wealth. We understand the importance of a child’s health in his development phase so we have created a healthy environment consisting of following salient features;

Trained first aid providing staff
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Trained first aid providing staff” show_line=”true” title_tag=”h5″][/thim-heading]

Children are natural explorers, they are in a constant learning phase and full of energy. In their exploration, they are learning to protect themselves. This is where we as their educators need to help them learn and grow, from their mistakes. We encourage them to play, and we are well aware that they need protection, hence our school facility has trained staff to provide the first aid without any delay.

Trained first aid providing staff
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Clean & green campus” show_line=”true” title_tag=”h5″][/thim-heading]

In pursuit to provide our students with a healthy environment, we are focused towards keeping a clean environment in our schools. We keep our campuses green to provide the students natural freshness, which is essential for their healthy growth.

Clean & green campus
Clean & green campus
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”We are taking all measures to protect our children and all of us from Coronavirus (COVID-19) or any” show_line=”true” title_tag=”h6″ title_font_size=”20″][/thim-heading]
  1. As a proactive measure, we will check the temperature of every student while entering into the school on a daily basis.
  2. Mask will be provided in case it’s required.
  3. School is cleaned and sanitized every day with  disinfectant solution/material
  4. Sanitizers will be available in every classroom.
  5. Students and Teachers are directed to wash their hands frequently.
  6. Handwash soaps are available in washrooms.
  7. Awareness sessions on precautionary measures will be provided to students to prevent from Coronavirus.
  8. We educate teachers and students to maintain a safe distance between all students and teachers while teaching and other activities.
  9. we advise students to avoid handshake.
  10. We will guide and monitor  students Not to share their drinks or snacks with others in order to protect them from Coronavirus.
Clean & green campus
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Letters and Sounds” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

By the end of kindergarten, kids will be able to recognize, name, and write all 26 letters of the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase. They will know the correct sound or sounds that each letter makes and they will be able to read about many high-frequency words — also called “sight words” — such as and, the, and in.
kids will be taught to write simple CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, such as hat, red, and dog.
They will also write short, simple sentences such as “The cat ran home.”

Letters and Sounds
Letters and Sounds
Numbers and Counting
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Numbers and Counting” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

By the end of the kindergarten years, your child should be able to name the components of a calendar, as well as know how they build upon one another (days make weeks, weeks make months, etc.), recognize numbers up to 100 when they are not in order and count to 100.
They will be able to add and subtract small numbers (add with a sum of 10 or less and subtract from 10 or less).
Your kindergartner will learn the concepts of more and less, ordinal numbers, creating and recognizing patterns and how to sort using a number of different characteristics.

Numbers and Counting
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Shapes and Objects” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

Kids will learn how to name and describe common shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle) and to identify, sort, and classify objects by color, size, and shape.

Shapes and Objects
Shapes and Objects
Time and Seasons
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Time and Seasons” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

Kindergartners will be able to identify the time of everyday events to the nearest hour.
They will understand, for example, Leave for school at 8:30 in the morning or that they eat dinner at 8:00 in the late evening.
But it will still be hard for them to grasp fully the concept of time because they’re concrete thinkers and time is abstract.

Time and Seasons
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Reading” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

Kindergarten is a year of discovery in reading and literacy.
Your child will learn to recognize simple words in print, including his own name and those of his classmates.
Letter-sound correspondence, phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, rhyming and words families and concepts about print are the areas in which your child will expand his knowledge.
By the end of the year some kindergartners will even be reading a little bit.

[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Science” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

Students will be introduced to science concepts that build upon what children already know which enables them to connect to new concepts and skills.
These concepts are taught using age-appropriate interactive activities, rhymes, and characters.

[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Play Time” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

Play is a vehicle for learning and lies at the core of innovation and creativity.
It provides opportunities for learning in a context in which children are at their most receptive.
Play and academic work are not distinct categories for young children, and learning and doing are also inextricably linked for them.
It has long been acknowledged that there is a strong link between play and learning for young children, especially in the areas of problem solving, language acquisition, literacy, numeracy, and social, physical, and emotional skills.
Young children actively explore their environment and the world around them through a process of learning-based play.
When children are manipulating objects, acting out roles, or experimenting with various materials, they are engaged in learning through play.
Play, therefore, has a legitimate and important role in early learning and can be used to further children’s learning in all areas of the Full-Day Early Learning–Kindergarten program.

Play Time
Play Time
Speaking and Listening
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Speaking and Listening” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

Communication begins with hearing and responding to sounds.
Children begin communicating and developing language the day they are born.
As children grow and develop, they begin listening for different purposes and responding with words instead of sounds and gestures.
Receptive language (listening) precedes expressive language (speaking).
Receptive and expressive language skills, or oral language skills, lay the foundation for future success in reading and writing.
These skills develop as children have opportunities to listen to and talk with their teachers, supportive staff members and classmates. etc

Speaking and Listening
[thim-heading layout=”kindergarten-layout-1″ title=”Basic Islamic Teaching / Moral Education” show_line=”true”][/thim-heading]

At The Focus School our objective isnurturing balanced, wholesome, honest human beings, who live life based on Islamic principles and who demonstrate good character in their dealings with other people. Every child needs to learn and understand the basic Islamic teachings so they may practice their lives in a way that every step they take is a virtue in itself. This makes them a better human in every possible way with the confidence that they’ll be able to lead the nation with brighter vision and towards the right direction.

Basic Islamic Teaching Moral Education
Basic Islamic Teaching Moral Education

Prof: Jawaid Ahmed Khan Sharwani

(MBA, MEd, MA (English and Islamic Culture)

A renowned and experienced educationist with more than 35 years of teaching experience from 1978 to 2014 at Cadet College Petaro, a military cum residential institution, administered by a Board of Governors (BOG) with Commander Karachi (COMKAR) as Ex-Officio Chairman.

Served as Vice Principle & Director of Studies along with administrative and management assignments i.e. Vice-Chairman College Appointment Committee, Accommodation Committee and Academic Council, Cadets’ Appointment Committee, Member College Appointment Committee, Member Accounting & Finance Committee, Member Contract and Scholarship Committees, College Council and Chief Coordinator, The Petarian Association and CCP Managing Committee and President Staff Club.

Mr. Sharwani has also served twice for a period of 03 years in Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces Command Group-V (i-e from 1986 to 1988 & 1991-92).

He has visited Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore to observe the Education and Examination System for Asians residing there for decades, the observations and experience have been implemented in Cadet College Petaro.

Mr. Sharwani will be the honorary advisor to The Focus School.

DELM, Educational Psychologist,


Renowned and experienced educationist with more than 14 years of Academics, Administration and Management experience in the field of education. He is playing an extra ordinary role in educating the new generation since 2007, firstly at Cadet College Petaro and now in HAYAT Girls School and College.

Mr. Fawad Shaikh is serving as Executive Director, Hayat Girls School and Hayat Girls College, Hyderabad. Currently he is managing all five sections of all branches of Hayat Educational Welfare Society, comprising approximately 2500 students. Had worked as Director Finance at Cadet College Petaro as well for two years.

Mr. Fawad Shaikh has been The Project Director at PACT (Pakistan Academics Career Counselling and Training) since 2015. He has led many curricular activities under the umbrella of PACT which includes PACT Summit, PACT-MUN, PACT-Olympiad and HAYAT-MUN.

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