Believing in the diversity, The Focus School welcomes children from all localities and societies. Our admission criteria has been designed in a very simplistic manner so that it is very convenient for parents to have their children enrolled to our school.

Following is a list required documents that would nee needed for the admission of children at the Focus School;

  • 3 (three) recent passport size photograph
  • Certified copy of NADRA Birth certificate
  • Certified copy of NADRA ‘B’ form
  • Certified copy of Father’s / Guardian’s  & Mother’s CNIC
  • Certified copy of Father’s / Guardian’s  & Mother’s Academic documents
  • Signature specimen of Father/ Guardian & Mother
  • In case of legal guardian-ship ; please provide all documents
  • Copy of vaccination card
  • Student’s report card from the school he / she last attended
  • Transfer certificate attested by the school last attended
  • CNIC copy of person responsible to pick & drop your child.
  • Recent Passport Sized Photograph of person responsible for pick & drop of your child.

Children develop their comprehension skills as they age. It is important to keep in view their learning capacity while teaching them to become the future leader. At Focus School, we have defined age brackets for each standard so children can learn and grasp the most with their peer, learning to develop healthy social relationships with each other as they progress along in the their education paths.

Grade Age of Children
Reception 2.5 – 3.5 Years
Junoir 3.5 – 4.5 Years
Senior 4.5 – 5.5 Years
Grade 1 5.5 – 6.5 Years
Grade 2 6.5 – 7.5 Years
Grade 3 7.5 – 8.5 Years
Grade 4 8.5 – 9.5 Years
Grade 5 9.5 – 10.5 Years
Grade 6 10.5 – 11.5 Years
Grade 7 11.5 – 12.5 Years
Grade 8 12.5 – 13.5 Years

Believe in your child’s capabilities and provide them with the means where they may explore their abilities to become competent in doing what they love to do.

Future is very different as we know through our present. It would require different sort of skills and mind set for the children to be competitive and take the lead.

At the Focus School, we are determined to develop future leaders, enabling them to take up challenges of tomorrow. Providing them with the right type of mentoring and guidance that would assist them in improving their tomorrow. It is our Focus to make them out of the box thinkers so they may see beyond the vision of possibilities and acquire the ability for making the impossible, possible.

With highly trained staff and well learned teachers, The Focus School provides students a nurturing environment where they may grow and get ready for the future. We aim to ignite the passions with in our students so may become better future leaders.We focus on each individual child to understand their mindset and communicate with them based on their wavelength of understanding. This enables us to speak with the children in a manner they comprehend the best.

Our curriculum helps them in understanding the academics in a way that it gets absorbed in their mind so they may keep that knowledge with them till the world of tomorrow. This enables them in acquiring further information rapidly and quickly since their basis are strong and are crystal clear.

Child development is the focus of every parent. It is these children of today who take up the challenges of tomorrow for a thriving future for the nation. It is prudent to have your focus towards development of children of today to reshape the future, tomorrow.

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