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    Virtual Learning

    We provide best online learning through virtual classroom setup

    Children Safety

    We provide an online platform for your children to learn from comfort of your home

    Interactive Teaching

    Our proficient teachers offer online engaging environment to students to learn online

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    We are proud at The Focus School to deliver our high-quality education and work tirelessly to achieve our vision “prepare children for life”.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the situation forces us to close our school campus. This unusual situation is impacting the learning of our students and creates challenge for parents. Students and teachers are unable to physically attend school, In such circumstances, continuation of providing learning is challenge for us.

    Our commitment is to provide an alternative means of education in the form of distance/online learning to our learners, which allow them to discover their passion, save time and loss of learning track.

    Our Online Learning Management system has been designed to provide virtual classroom experience to our learners while staying safe at their homes. Our teachers and administration are prepared for this challenge.

    We understand Distance/Online learning cannot completely replace or replicate our usual learning methodology, nevertheless our teachers will put efforts to deliver instruction that allows students to meet expected standards and continue to access education during such times. Our students will have access to teachers to support them in their learning. The success of our students during this time is dependent on a partnership between home and school. Let’s join hands for best possible learning for our children.

    Our Online Learning provides these features

    We care about your learning. We care about your safety.

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    for e-Learning

      Our Mission

      Our Mission is to provide Focused learning for every individual, which helps exploring the spirits, will, and intellect to prepare them to face life’s diverse challenges

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