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The goal of phonics is to enable beginning readers to decode new written words by sounding them out, or in phonics terms, blending the sound-spelling patterns. Our teachers help students sharpen their speaking and listening skills through the use of audio-visuals and activities. They teach reading and writing of the English language by developing students’ phonemic awareness – the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes-in order to teach the correspondence between these sounds and the spelling patterns that represent them.

Small Size Class
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Our focus is towards the development of children has made us to consider small size classroom so teachers can provide their attention to each child in their class. The teachers get a chance to actually know the children they are teaching so they may reach up to them in a manner that enables them to learn in the way they are most comfortable with.

Small Size Class
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For enhanced learning, it has been observed that white boards create a more pleasant environment in the classroom as compared to the traditional chalk boards. They provide more clear vision to the entire class despite of their sitting position and broadens their vision.

Classes with White Board
Classes with White Board
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At Focus School we have a specially designed room for Montessori children where they may learn at their own pace. This approach inculcates the right type of confidence in the children taking away the unhealthy peer competition that usually develops in their little brains from this early age.

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We teach Arabic language to help children in understanding Quran, recite Quran with appropriate pronunciation. Every child needs to learn and understand the basic Islamic teachings so they may practice their lives in a way that every step they take is a virtue in itself. This makes them a better human in every possible way with the confidence that they’ll be able to lead the nation with brighter vision and towards the right direction.

Basic Islamic Teachings
Basic Islamic Teachings
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In order to maintain the health and physical development of our students, we have designed a dedicated sports arena. At Focus School we understand that every students has different learning capacity, and hence our teachers are focused towards providing individual care every student from their class, to bring out the best in them based on their interest, ability and capabilities.

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